»From an idea to a thousand opinions to perfect packaging and corporate design. The professional strategy and design process with brandtouch° is like the path to good nutrition: you have to be able to leave your own convictions behind, be open to a deep dive into the real characteristics and needs of consumers and product, and have the firm conviction to create the best result for yourself and everyone around you.«

Mareike Frank
Chief Marketing Officer VEATA


Living well starts with good nutrition. The simpler, the better. The fresher, the healthier. And all of it delicious, of course. With this in mind and the goal of creating products that are as easy as possible to integrate into our fast-paced daily lives, the founders of the start-up Veata develop ready-to-blend smoothies that come to our homes in the freshest and most convenient way possible: flash-frozen.
The products’ formulas are developed in close collaboration with nutritional experts and fine-tuned for optimal nutrient composition for different needs. Naturally free from any artificial ingredients.


brandtouch° accompanied the founders already during the product development and was tasked with transforming this claim into a contemporary brand concept that can stand its ground in the market environment. From naming, identity, positioning, corporate design and packaging to tone-of-voice.


Based on precise insights into the cultural context, target group and the German competitive environment, we established the brand with clear product principles and a strong target image in the area of tension between health, sustainability and convenience. With “Food for Life” we not only identified the essence of the brand, but also the starting point for its name: veata.

Veata makes healthy eating simple and accessible. Language and design reflect that.

And just as Veata rethinks smoothies, we also thought one step further in packaging. Lively and unique, the designs make it fun to prepare breakfast or a small snack. A series of ten illustrations showing flavor- and color-giving ingredients of the smoothies in artfully flowing shapes form the basis and will freshen up any freezer from now on.

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