»Together with brandtouch°, we succeeded in expanding the traditional Gigaset brand into the smartphone market. Thanks to the testimonials with Sasha, our overall brand perception was given a younger, fresher, and even more sustainable makeover.«

Jörg Brühl
Senior Vice President Marketing Gigaset


For decades, Gigaset AG has been one of the best-known and most successful brands in the field of telecommunications technology. The Bocholt-based company is a recognized “standard setter” especially in the field of landline and business telephony. With its new range of smartphones, Gigaset now wanted to transfer its know-how and brand appeal into the mobile communications market.


Gigaset is not a known manufacturer of high-quality smartphones. With the introduction of its new product range centered on two top models, the GS4 and GS3, the company plans on changing that. Among the important communication points were its strong price-performance ratio, as well as the Made-in-Germany quality guarantee and comprehensive Gigaset service portfolio.

Smartly made in Germany.

With brandtouch° – Sasha became the face and brand ambassador of Gigaset. The singer/celebrity perfectly embodied the communicative values that Gigaset wanted to communicate with its new smartphones, including likeability, smartness, reliability, made-in-Germany, credibility, and authenticity.

In an extensive online campaign, including spots, banners audio, and print, Sasha debuted the new Gigaset smartphones in his down-to-earth, open, and funny way. The creative approach paid off at the product level and the new GS4 became a sold-out bestseller in no time. What can one say besides “That’s Gigaset”!