From insights to action

We believe that brand identity is the most important tool for successful brand management. Brand identity is at the heart of all our activities. This is why our Research Unit is not only engaged in market research but other crucial aspects for a holistic brand research approach.

As the word suggests, market research only looks at a small aspect of the brand: the market. Of course, market research is vital which is why we conduct in-depth competition and target group analyses. But brands have other decisive influences and factors that play a role in their analysis and evolution. Important is the thorough examination of the company its culture, beliefs, as well as its performance.

The first step is to always analyse one’s own performance and perception, the reason being that it represents the foundation on which the brand stands. The next step is to analyse the market vis a vis the competition and potential customers.

The qualitative research approach

branddive° is our qualitative research approach, which includes classic group discussions, in-depth interviews in focus groups, and expert panel rounds. The samplings are selected based on the the research questions and the target group. This dynamic and activating approach makes it possible to gain deep insights into the opinions, attitudes, needs and perspectives of the participants.

The quantitative research approach

brandpulse° is our quantitative approach that includes classic surveys in combination with other methods. The measurements are often large and represent different populations. This is why the test subject selection is random and the questioning process standardized. The analysis is carried out based on common statistical methods with the help of univariate, bivariate, and multivariate methods.

Strategic branding. Identity first

We develop strong brands through innovative strategies and creative impulses. Always from the heart of the brand and based on relevant insights. We create a strategic orientation in combination with a clear, unique brand identity. This is translated into a central, communicative guiding principle, designed for holistic implementation at all contact points, from corporate and product design to communicative staging and activation at the point of sale.

Our basic principle

We believe that brand identity is the most important tool for successful brand management. We see identity as the genome of the brand, which in turn affects every message and stimulus that it sends out. For customers and current and future employees.

To create successful employer branding, the employer brand must be derived from the brand identity. As a harmonious component, it creates a coherent, attractive pitch for talents and employees in an emotional way.

Targeted creation needs a strategic roadmap to not only address hearts and minds through design and communication but also generate long-term value creation.

That’s why we always work according to our brandtouch° maxim “Identity First.”

The basis of all marketing activities
The brandcode°

We created the brandcode° to effectively portray the brand identity in all its complexity, while never losing sight of practicality. It is designed to showcase the strategic guiding principle and unite all facets of the brand, thus making its essence tangible for managers, employees, and partners.

The brandcode° encompasses all essential and current characteristics of the brand. It describes the desired attitude to be anchored in the minds of consumers via the marketing mix. For us, the brandcode° is the basis of all brand-related activities. It serves as a central guide for the creation of each point of contact with the brand.

Strong branding. Unique design

Good design is the result of an intensive methodical process. Before we even start with the actual design work, we do a deep dive into the strategy behind your brand. Only when the brand identity and strategic orientation have been internalized do our designers start with the visual implementation. We wouldn’t want it any other way and it’s a quality guarantee for you. That way you can be sure that your brand will be paired with the optimal design.

In achieving this, we develop a distinctive corporate identity and translate the brand strategy into a consistent and recognizable brand experience across all media and channels. This ensures unique visual brand concepts designed to heighten brand attention, recognition, and trust.

By the way: The teams that develop your design are equally unique and individual. Because we bring together professionals from a wide range of disciplines. The benefit lies in the fact that the teams are perfectly in tune with your project and your brand. The combination of design excellence, creativity, and strategic competence ensures intelligent design solutions that catch eyes while creating value.

The keys

Strategy first means first-class creativity

Great ideas do not come out of the blue: they need information, inspiration, and context to develop. A solid strategy is always the basis for successful and creative brand communication.
For us, strategic- and creative thought are two sides of the same coin and forever linked. We bring both aspects together in an atmosphere where they can influence, inspire and help drive things forward. We think it is the only way to create something truly new: a unique, tailor-made idea for your brand communication that is directly developed from your identity and aligned with your goals. Anything else would be just advertising.

We bring your brand to life using all the senses

You want to place your brand directly in the hearts and minds of your target audience. So do we, which is why we make sure it arrives there as fast as possible. Our senses lead the way. That’s why all touchpoints consumers come into contact with must be an experience both in terms of content and audio/visual impact. Thanks to our holistic approach, we develop the right communication to achieve this goal and reach out to your target group in new ways.

It’s more than a wrap

We develop future-proof packaging designs that ensure a brand’s success now and in the future. For us, the starting point is always based on our Strategy First principle. When designing, we use our deep understanding of target group dynamics, competitive environments, and marketing expertise.
Based on this, we develop relevant, individual, and future-proof packaging designs that make brands stand out and enjoy more success. Regardless of whether it’s building a new brand, a relaunch, or a line extender.

Packaging design is the link between brand identity and physical product. It breathes life into the brand, tells its story, and differentiates at the point of sale. We create all the necessary elements for strategically sound packaging design, including brand and product naming, portfolio sorting, sustainability concept, and digital solutions. We are also happy to do so based on previous or accompanying market research.

For us, great packaging design is a product of real passion for brands, design, and lasting added value. We do it with enthusiasm and attention to detail and give your brand the look it deserves: your own. Because unique design, based on a sound strategy, is in our DNA.

Corporate / packaging design
Portfolio strategy
Form design/structural packaging
Production consultancy
Naming/packaging texts
Concept visualization
Sustainable, future-oriented packaging solutions
Packaging design in the digital context and social media
Production consulting, final artwork and production

Your brand’s voice

Language starts in the mind, or to be more precise, in the minds of your customers. brand language° ensures that your message is received in a clear and understandable way that the target groups accept, relate to, and associate with your brand.
We develop an independent and distinctive brand language derived from your brand identity. We learn your target group’s language and play with the specific market vocabulary. We fine-tune our words, sentences, messages, and syntactic details to make your brand linguistically unique. The result: a fully individual brand language.

The brandlanguage° model

To advance linguistic brand design, we developed the brandlanguage° model. Based on the brand strategy, we bring linguists, strategists, copywriters, and psychologists together to profit from their expertise and competencies. Via an interdisciplinary process, we use the results from writing style & comprehensibility research, creative writing and target group analyses to develop distinctive, and strong brand languages.

At the core of brandlanguage° are four simple elements: brand voice, brand tonality, brand code, and brand wording.

The brand voice gives the brand personality a linguistic face. It answers the question of what a brand sounds like and helps writers quickly find the right perspective for text production and strike the right tone.

Brand tonality defines the writing style of a brand with clear guidelines: Does it speak in a playful or more traditional way? Is it loud and dynamic or subtle and reserved?

The brand codes address the peculiarities of the brand language. We implement them to create the details that give your brand its linguistically distinct position, for example, messages, neologisms, sentences, idioms, or special spellings.

The brand wording lays down the individual spelling characteristics and formalities during text production.

Taken together, the brand voice, brand tonality, brand codes, and brand wording help define and successfully implement your brand’s individual language style across all media, channels, and touchpoints.

Employer Branding
Identity first

Any communication aimed at recruitment must directly come from the brand identity. When done correctly, it acts as a harmonious component that attracts and speaks to future talent in an emotional manner. Moreover, the brand or company is positioned in a way that evokes a feeling of trust and reliability, both internally and externally.

A key to all of this is the development of a unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP). As a highly effective communication tool, it has a convincing sales and value proposition, which are both closely linked to the brand. To develop effective employer branding concepts, we analyze existing employer branding activities, conduct employee interviews for a comprehensive culture analysis, and apply competition-focused analytics. Based on these parameters, we then define your individual EVP, which acts as a communicative guideline for the implementation of a successful employer branding strategy.