»With the support of brandtouch°, we want to bring Baby Care to a new level. From insight all the way to execution, we have redefined boundaries together in order to put some pep into an everyday category. Günter Sendlmeier, Kristof Kleine and their team impressed us with their refreshingly new strategy approach and high-quality design.«

Gerald Kullack
Founder & CEO of Lillydoo

Revolution, Baby!

A lot has changed over the years when it comes to using baby care products. True to the motto – less is more – the aim is care for babies’ skin with the most natural ingredients possible.

On average, little ones wear nappies for three years, resulting in a great deal of contact with the skin day and night.

With this in mind, Gerald Kullack and Sven Bauer founded Lillydoo. As a modern baby care brand, Lillydoo takes mum’s wishes seriously and offers high-performance nappies and baby wipes that are especially kind to skin.

We developed and implemented every aspect of the Lillydoo brand, its attitude and its story, from the strategic brand focus (brand identity and positioning) to logo and packaging design and implementation of communication.

Our positioning approach
Natural Baby Care Style

»I may have had a baby, but I’m still the same person.«

With this idea in mind, we positioned Lillydoo as an alternative to the pastel-coloured world of local baby care brands with their scribbled designs.

An innovative reinterpretation that bridges the gap between category-specific services and their symbols and reconciles these with the world of modern mothers.

A brand that, with its expertise, makes the requirements and self-determination of its customers the focus of everything it does, thus promoting trust as well as approval with its personality – its kind, fun-loving and stylish manner.