»brandtouch° has consistently advanced the global launch of the Zwiesel Glas brand and brought it to new levels. Their interdisciplinary team’s understanding of the market was impressive from the first meeting. Whether strategy or brand campaign, it’s always a pleasure working with them, now and in the future. Sounds like brandtouch.«

Michael Eichinger
Head of Marketing, Product & Communications

Zwiesel Kristallglas AG

In 1872, the merchant and entrepreneur Anton Müller laid the foundation of today’s Zwiesel Kristallglas AG with his Annathal table glassworks. 150 years later, the Zwiesel brand is a world market leader for high-quality glass that has adorned the tables of the world’s best Michelin-starred restaurants and bars.


In early 2020, Zwiesel Glas defined a new brand essence and brand design. Based on this brandtouch° was entrusted with developing the brand strategy and transforming it into a 360° campaign. An important factor for Zwiesel Glas was that the brand essence “For those who care” continued to be used as a strategic springboard. On one hand, Zwiesel Glas saw a lot of potential in the statement but also recognized that carried an exclusionary note within its tonality. A new positioning and communicative mix were to solve this challenge and invite everyone to celebrate special moments together at the table.

Sounds like Zwiesel

Using a quantitative study, we first identified the three relevant buyer groups that the brand strategy needed to focus on. Equipped with these insights, we developed the strategic positioning for Zwiesel Glas and presented the essence of the brand: a partner that the world’s best and most sought-after hosts turn to again and again.

The new positioning is based on the passionate sense of craftsmanship that has made Zwiesel Glas the benchmark in quality and design for 150 years. This uncompromising standard is still visible and noticeable in every Zwiesel glass today. Moreover, it’s also audible. All these aspects are now found in the brand communication which is told through emotional stories of shared enjoyable moments and the special sound when people come together. We celebrate these moments with every glass, at every table, at any time. And via a sentence with a resonance as unique as Zwiesel Glas itself: Sounds like Zwiesel.