Brand & communication development

Berlin, September 2013. Three design enthusiasts decided to put an end to the shortage of affordable art in Europe’s living rooms. Offering young, talented artists all over the world a platform. Inspiring people to introduce art into their lives. The www.juniqe.com website went live in January 2014.

In 2015, we got involved to strategically develop the Juniqe brand further with a powerful positioning approach, which we translated into brand communication.

Our positioning approach
The Art of Style. Juniqe As Me.

We positioned Juniqe as the new centre of the art market – unique among competitors and highly relevant for a wide target group. We also helped to create a new state of mind in the fragmented market of art prints and wall pictures.

We breathed new life into and democratised a well-established segment – and demonstrated that valuable, relevant art can not only be young and contemporary, but also lots of fun, affordable and easily accessible.

We focused on style with substance, as we believe that the relevance of a work of art is not exclusively financial or dependent on the prominence of the artist. We believe that this value is shaped by the characters and stories behind the works of art.