»The emotionalising of brands plays an increasingly role in the pharma industry, as well as in other industries. We transport the positive feeling of eye care in our new cross-media campaign, to anchor HYLO CARE® even stronger in the environment of body care and lifestyle.

Furthermore we use our slogan to emphasize our endeavour to attract the customers attention to the civilization disease “dry eyes” and to sensitize for a daily eye-care routine.«

Christian Krensel
Global Director Marketing & Sales Ursapharm


With about 650 employees, the pharmaceutical company Ursapharm, based in Saarbrücken, is one of the leading companies in ophthalmology. Since more than 40 years Ursapharm is driven by highest quality standards, innovative creativity and continuous development.

As the market leader and a global player with subsidiaries and partnerships in more than 80 countries, Ursapharm is on a rapid path of growth.

2 years ago, Ursapharm took the next ground-breaking step and decided to address the customer directly, which led to great success in terms of brand awareness and a steady growth in the market share. To successfully continue this exciting path, it was time to call the attention of a larger target group. Ursapharm wanted to remind how important the daily eye care is, in order to prevent the widespread dry eye syndrome.

The HYLO® EYE CARE product range guarantees a systematic approach to eye lubrication and care. It offers the right product for each dry eye severity level and associated symptoms.

The HYLO CARE® eye drops take care of your daily preventive eye care to moisturize dry eyes.


brandtouch° was to use strategic communication to raise awareness of the causes of dry eyes and position HYLO CARE® eye drops as the solution to the problem.

The media basis for this was a high-profile partnership between Ursapharm and FC Bayern Munich, which needed to be fuelled by creative communication. The aim was to establish HYLO® EYECARE as a daily care ritual, highlight the preventive benefits for the eyes and generate the necessary attention for the brand.



HYLO® EYE CARE is all about emphasising that daily eye care is part of modern health – especially in this age of smartphones, tablets and screen time. At the same time, the brand stands for the solution. We sum up this caring approach in a new claim: We Care.

Our communication focuses on the main cause of dry eyes: digital stress. Only then do we visualise the good feeling of daily eye care with HYLO CARE®. Both symbolise a typical gesture for dry eyes that is understood by everyone: blinking.

That’s why we’ve made blinking a natural “signature move” of HYLO® care. And our testimonials Joshua Kimmich, Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski underline the importance of eye care in a modern, healthy lifestyle. All that’s missing is some relaxing music. The Jimmy Cliff classic sums up the HYLO® well-being for eyes and ears: “I can see clearly now…”