»The extremely professional approach to every task, both strategically and holistically, combined with a balance of conviction, compromise, and pragmatism makes brandtouch° our go-to agency.«

Alexander Strümann
Brand Manager Health Care MAPA GmbH

Mapa GmbH

The MAPA company is based in Zeven between Bremen and Hamburg. As a producer of items derived from natural rubber, it specializes in the manufacture and marketing of products in the areas of baby care, home, and health care. A well-known trademark belonging to MAPA includes BILLY BOY (condoms), NUK (baby products), Spontex (household gloves, sponges, and wipes), and MAPA Professional (protective gloves).


An increasing number of couples involved in long-term relationships are switching from hormonal contraception to condoms. In the past, this target group was not on the marketing radar of condom producers. And that’s a shame because these couples have sex more often than singles thus representing a great market potential for the brand.

BILLY BOY is a German condom brand with a long tradition and a good reputation. That said, the brand is not associated with the lifestyles of people in adult relationships.


brandtouch° developed a new sub-brand for BILLY BOY that opens a whole new world while clearly differentiating itself from the more youth-associated image of the BILLY BOY brand. A subtle link to the original brand is present which adds an additional layer of trust: YOU&ME by BILLY BOY.

Extensive market research offered deeper insights into the target group and formed the basis for the brand strategy, name, design, and packaging. Several market research institutes confirmed that our strategic brand approach was on the right track. We additionally developed comprehensive presentations for those in sales. The launch campaign was also created and designed by brandtouch°.


With YOU&ME, we’re making condoms an attractive and modern contraceptive method for adult couples. The hormone-free alternative is now a central message of the brand and allows couples to enjoy their sex life with greater safety, responsibility, and equality.


The brand communication transports the new positioning in that it addresses adult, partnership-based love and relationships, while simultaneously occupying this new niche. The tonality is both vibrant and relaxed with eye-catching visuals and texts that energize the YOU&ME world. In doing so, YOU&ME becomes “we.”