»Team brandtouch° not only understood perfectly how to think and feel extremely deeply into the brand, but also how to work from these insights in every development step to realign the brand. With brandtouch°, we’re making BILLY BOY the brand of a whole, new generation.«

Alexander Strümann
Brand Activation Manager BILLY BOY


is one of the largest and best-known condom brands in the German-speaking world. Since 1990, the brand of the MAPA GmbH stands for experience, quality and safety made in Germany. To date, BILLY BOY has accompanied several generations of young people in discovering and experiencing their sexuality safely.


Gen Z has grown to become BILLY BOY’s most important target group.
Thus, the brand must face the new demands that characterize this generation.
With the strategic repositioning of BILLY BOY, brandtouch° was to bring the brand into the present, which is characterized by this extremely independent and progressive generation.
The further task was to redevelop the brand design and communication on this strategic basis. The goal: BILLY BOY becomes the love brand of the young generation across all touch points.
Once again.


Discovering and experiencing one’s own sexuality safely is a sensitive topic for every generation. Finding your place here as a brand in a credible and genuine way requires a lot of sensitivity and a deep understanding of the target group, especially for this generation, which faces so many different challenges. From the first intensive conversations during market research to campaign implementation, we really put Gen Z at the center. In other words, we didn’t focus on them from the outside, but developed together with them from the inside.

We listened, learned about their fears and empathized with their concerns, and we included them in every step. This approach has created a distinctive depth from which processes and developmental steps have grown almost organically.

With the acronym BE INTIMATE, LIGHTHEARTED, LOVING, YOURSELF we give BILLY BOY a new attitude and thus define the special role of the brand to and for Gen-Z.

A fluid communication concept allows the relevant topics of the Gen Z to be presented for discourse in a wide variety of forms and media. BILLY BOY thus becomes a companion for the young generation, is present in their living space – and speaks openly, authentically and courageously about sexuality and everything connected with it.