»brandtouch° helped us go from zero to 100% brand recognition in the blink of an eye. And in supermarkets.«

Jennifer Schäfer
Founder of UNMILK


is a young food start-up from Hamburg that offers purely plant-based milk alternatives without artificial additives and added sugar but with lots of protein, nutrients, and a unique creamy taste. In 2020, UNMILK was planning to launch three varieties of its new product.


It’s no surprise that milk comes from cows. What is interesting is that milk is not as healthy for humans as we have been told over decades. New nutritional megatrends and sportivity have helped firmly establish plant-based milk alternatives made from soy, rice, or almonds in everyday life. What they all have in common however is that they are not particularly sustainable, or taste that good, or like real milk. Moreover, they are not available as “ready to drink (RTD)” products for quick refreshment on the go. UNMILK founder Jennifer Schäfer recognized this category and developed a product that meets these needs. Its secret is that it is based on oats and yellow peas, which not only offers greater sustainability but leaves the other brands behind in terms of taste. There was still one thing missing – the right brand for the product. brandTouch° quickly found the proper fit.


The future is plant-based! Now, all that’s needed is the right “plant-based” products to convince and win over new customers. To do this, we gave the new brand a bold, self-assured attitude, and a name that said it all: UNMILK. In doing so, we turned the dairy world upside down!

brandtouch° is responsible for the development and implementation of the brand, including its attitude and history. From brand strategy (identity & positioning) naming, and logo, to packaging design tone-of-voice, and entire communication – we did it all. Our conclusion: no milk is better than UNMILK.