Trend One
Brand strategy & design

Before the relaunch, Trend One was primarily known for it extensive trend services and the entertainment value of its presentations on the future.

Our task was to further develop the brand during a comprehensive realignment, restructure the brand and range, and develop a powerful brand identity, in order to tap into the field of innovation consulting.

We therefore developed and implemented the strategic brand focus, a new corporate design and the design of all internally and externally relevant touchpoints.

Our positioning approach
Creating Future for your Business

We positioned Trend One as a unique hybrid of trend and future research and a creative innovation consultancy.

The ability to provide companies with innovative ideas based on extensive trend expertise, which until that point had been performing poorly, took centre stage in the brand identity – expressed with a powerful promise: creating future for your business.


The concept behind the decode logo is the attempt to develop a progressive appearance that reflects the courage to pursue creative independence, depicts Trend One’s processes and engages the observer in an intrinsic dialogue of perception with the identity.

Insight on Trend One’s operations played a key role in the design. In a world full of trends, Trend One connects the unconnected.

The identity is therefore in a constant state of flux and requires the observer to fill in the blanks of the logotype in their head, which is exactly what Trend One does with trends.

The result was a high-quality, flexible identity that, combined with generative design, can be adapted for a whole host of applications.

»What sets brandtouch° apart from the rest is its combination of abilities: exceptional consulting expertise in strategic brand development alongside extraordinary design expertise in a very dedicated and friendly team. Working with them was always a pleasure.«

Nils Müller
CEO of Trend One