»Communicating the cooperation between parents and us as a manufacturer of baby care products in an authentic and charming way is the central concern of the tetesept: BABY campaign. brandtouch° has staged this idea wonderfully and brought it to life. This is how young parents can be addressed at eye level!«

Elmar Kratzer
Marketing Director Merz Consumer Care

About tetesept Baby

With tetesept: BABY, the tetesept brand has launched a new baby series that offers care must-haves as well as special feel-good products for sensitive baby skin and for baby care during the cold season. The products were developed together with people who are particularly familiar with the needs of modern baby care: Midwives, doctors, pharmacists – and, of course, fathers and mothers. tetesept: BABY combines expertise with research, nature with science, and modern botany with proven pharmacy ingredients.


tetesept: BABY needed a strong positioning for its launch in the baby care market. The communication measures were to focus particularly on the online area, where the target group of young parents can be reached best through the media. Our task was to develop a campaign that would achieve online brand awareness and reach.


With this campaign, tetesept: BABY sees the light of day in a communicative way. The core idea is: “Teamwork, Baby!” Because baby care works best when you can rely on good partners. Far from advertising stereotypes, the motifs authentically depict situations that come with being a parent: little sleep, chaos at the dinner table, or baby aches and pains during the cold season. The headlines take an unusual approach to these everyday challenges and show that tetesept: BABY is a reliable partner at parents’ side.