foodspring is one of the leading brands of performance foods and a pioneer in targeted nutrition for everyone. The company offers high-quality fitness foods made in Germany that are ideal for both sports regimens and everyday life. The range consists of proteins, snacks & bars, dietary supplements, baking mixes, muesli & porridge, and an assortment of beverages. Aside from fitness and nutrition, foodspring also offers a range of recipes for a healthy lifestyle that it communicates throughout its channels.

How do we take foodspring to the next level?

In 2020, the food company Mars Edge purchased foodspring. Its goal: to realize the brand’s full potential, enter new markets and attract fresh target groups. In short: take foodspring to the next level. To achieve this, the brand had to reinvent itself. It was a challenge that we gladly accepted together with the foodspring team.

Feeling good. Being healthy.

At the center of our work was the development of a new brand strategy. In realizing this, we analyzed the current brand status in an international field study. Based on the results, we identified specific market and target group clusters and targeted new potential.

Through this insight, we were able to renew the strategic brand orientation and position foodspring as a “holistic nutrition brand”. With the new positioning, foodspring gained a stronger consumer focus by offering better and more convenient nutrition for everyone.

Brand design

We were happy to help shape the foodspring brand on multiple levels, from the development of a clear identity to a confident tone of voice, brand design, and communication.

To clearly differentiate foodspring from other brands in the sports nutrition category, we opted for a “less is more” approach inspired by modern and inclusive health & beauty brands. The reduced packaging design was taken up and adapted to other, on- and offline brand touchpoints. Our corporate design played a key role in helping position and visually portray foodspring as a continually inspiring pioneer in the field of performance food. The result is a clean look that, thanks to the newly created lifestyle-meets-sports imagery, is unique in the sports nutrition sector and as holistic as the product range itself.

Communicative implementation

Whatever you want to achieve in life, personally or socially, it all begins with you, your thoughts, actions, and energy. Proper nutrition, as well as a fit and healthy lifestyle, play a crucial role. The foodspring claim “Feel good. Be healthy” sums up this philosophy. With the hashtag #fittertoday, foodspring is a motivating source of inspiration and provides the products needed to comfortably reach your goals both big and small. Because every day is a new beginning.

Visually, we took up the characteristic features of foodspring’s clear, uncluttered, and once-revolutionary design and then took it to the next level. The product shapes were also used as a visual stage for the new image debut. In doing so, we blended, continuity with innovation. In order to portray the dynamic attraction and down-to-earth appeal, we used an iPhone 13 for the entire cinematic implementation in cooperation with the production agency Sirensrock.