About Ratsherrn

Ratsherrn Brauerei brews refreshing beers in the heart of Hamburg, from classic Pils to surprising craft beers. The brewery with its attached pub is located in the lively, trendy Schanzenviertel district, the Schanzenhöfe – a sparkling source of ever-fresh ideas. For example, those for Ratsherrn Schanzenwasser: a caraway (Kümmel) and nut-flavored liqueur (Nuss Likör).


In 2023,  Ratsherrn, together with a small distillery, realised the idea of producing high-proof spirits in addition to their refreshing beers. The only thing missing for Schanzenwasser was the packaging, which was clearly Ratsherrn. But in a refreshingly different way.


With the packaging, brandtouch° invents a new world for perhaps the most defining visual element of the Ratsherrn brand: the ruff. Each flavour plays with an animal associated with the flavour, wearing the unmistakable ruff – showing Ratsherrn in a refreshing new light.

The labels show all the animals with their ruff as classic paintings, always surrounded by the charm of a typical Hamburg neighbourhood pub. The illustration style underlines the manufacturing character, but also the creativity of the Ratsherrn brand. And the loving details in each motif give each Ratsherrn animal its own lively character. With a fresh, mischievous look, they make you want to take your first sip of Ratsherrn Schanzenwasser. So, cheers!

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