Pets Deli

From the very start, Pets Deli had a clear goal: to make the healthiest and tastiest pet food for their four-legged clientele and their owners. And that paid off – soon Pets Deli was the talk (bark/meow) of the town. Thanks to their online shop, they also made international waves. Today, the company is one of the market leaders in the German consumer-direct sector.

Strategically reposition Pets Deli for brick-and-mortar retail.

The Pets Deli brand had the express desire to expand its online business to brick-and-mortar stores starting in 2020. The brand focus was not to be solely placed on the pet, but rather on the deep, emotional connection between pets and their owners. To make this a reality, brandtouch° redefined the brand identity and translated it into a new corporate design, with novel packaging and other supporting communicative measures.

For those special We-Moments

For Pets Deli, we focused on the special relationship between humans and animals. At its core, the brand has an extremely emotional positioning and celebrates the unforgettable, shared moments that a furry paw or wet nose can create. Always positive and undeniably authentic. The new brand essence also addressed the extremely high standards of Pets Deli and its all-natural and healthy ingredients: This is summed up in the statement: “Everything that’s naturally good for your furry friend”. Additionally, we transferred the reworked brand image into a new corporate design, packaging, and an eye-catching communication package for dogs, cats, and humans.