NanoRepro: Background

Since the pandemic, it has become normal to push cotton swabs into one’s nostril as far as they will go without hesitation. We have learned how simple such a self-test is. However, self-tests are not only available for the detection of Corona, but also for numerous health analyses. With NanoRepro’s home tests, you can find out in a few minutes whether you suffer from hypothyroidism or iron deficiency. It’s just that nobody knows that it’s so easy. That’s exactly what we’re trying to change with a campaign for TV, print, radio and online.


Many people do not know that they have hypothyroidism or iron deficiency. But they know that something is wrong: they are tired, fatigued, distracted or aggressive. That’s why we put these symptoms visually and acoustically in the focus of our communication, creating awareness – and offering our target groups a solution that gives them certainty.


We show what everyday life is like with hypothyroidism or iron deficiency – and our protagonists sing it for us. With a new version of the Laing hit “Morgens immer müde”, we’re going for a real catchy tune. It gets loud visually, too, because even our color worlds make it pop – directly derived from the product colors that will later be found at the point of sale. The commercial speaks and sings from the soul of our target groups, sticks in the head  and sends our core message: Don’t worry. Just do a NanoRepro home test.