»brandtouch° achieved an excellent result and successfully coordinated different perspectives, experiences and the needs of a traditional family business. The agency team has shown remarkable dedication and commitment and has become an indispensable part of the team.«

Sven Philipp Engelmann
Managing Director Johann Jacobs Haus GmbH

Johann Jacobs Haus

Johann Jacobs Haus is a fledgling business that has committed itself to upholding the legacy of Jacobs coffee, while also providing fresh takes on the popular beverage. Johann Christian Jacobs, the great-grandnephew of the founder of the well-known Jacobs Kaffee brand – presently owned by Jacobs Douwe Egberts – has restored the initial Jacobs parent firm and, in conjunction with his team, has crafted a new and exciting vision.

The credo follows the original idea of Jacobs Kaffee’s founder: to make high-quality coffee accessible to everyone. The Johann Jacobs Haus in Bremen offers an entire world of coffee experiences, spanning five floors. Visitors can explore the company’s own roasting plant, attend training courses, and shop for first-class specialty coffees, all with a focus on production, preparation, and stylish enjoyment.




In addition to developing the new Rubiac specialty coffee brand, it quickly became clear that the parent company’s brand – the Johann Jacobs Haus in Bremen – also needed to be revised and sharpened in order to be perceived as a consistent umbrella brand.

The aim of the brand work was to bring the traditional history to life in a fresh way and to combine it with the wide range of products on offer today. brandtouch° provided support in sharpening the strategy, the brand architecture to clarify the structure of the offer between the existing brands and in revising the corporate design, right through to the realisation of the first communication materials.

Strategy and implementation

In our strategy, we define the Johann Jacobs Haus as a centre of excellence or think tank for the new “Jacobs” concept. The cornerstones of the new umbrella brand are the unique team that lives its passion for speciality coffee, the historical knowledge of over 100 years, the expertise around coffee and the value chain, and the modern zeitgeist expressed through architecture and atmosphere.

Improvements in the brand architecture create clarity in the relationships and functions of the individual brand offerings. At the same time, the umbrella brand has a positive impact on the subsequent product brands.

The brand design reflects the values of tradition and heritage as well as knowledge and expertise, the muted colours are subtle and high quality, the design element of the window arch creates a link to the striking architecture.


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