Femtasy is a successful start-up in the erotic market. Founder Nina Julie Lepique questioned porn, put female pleasure in the foreground and created femtasy. Today, femtasy is the largest German-language streaming service with erotic audio stories for women. Always stylish, modern, casual and socially appropriate.

From audio stories to sexual self-realization.

Femtasy founder Nina Julie Lepique has made a great contribution to taking away the stigma and taboo aspects of female masturbation. brandtouch° is also doing its part in translating its self-confident approach into a strong brand strategy. In doing so, we’re helping set the femtasy brand apart from the competition with a contemporary positioning.

Lust to listen to!

Good sex starts in the mind – or more accurately between the ears. With its refined erotic audio stories for women, femtasy defines a whole new category in terms of quality. In doing so, the brand sets itself apart from the low-image standard porn audiovisual offers.

That’s why we identified new, positioning-relevant values for femtasy. This included the defining of a strong brand purpose and the development of a unique and fantasy-charged tonality. This allowed us to give the brand a sensual personality based on a solid brand strategy. These aspects and more are translated into a holistic corporate design that’s a pleasure to see as well.