»brandtouch° has given the grand dame of erotic brands a makeover that goes far beyond the superficial. In the development of the brand repositioning strategy and brand design, the team at brandtouch has shown a feel for social trends, a deep understanding of the female target group and a grasp of the market. Beate Uhse would be have been proud of the result.«

Saskia ter Veld
Marketing Manager Beate Uhse Group

Beate Uhse

She was the “Godmother” of breaking taboos and continually ahead of her time. Her life was lived to the fullest and full of extraordinary events and achievements. Beate Uhse: pioneer, businesswoman, mother, mentor – and now a legend. The extraordinary history of the Beate Uhse brand begins in 1946 with the opening of the world’s first sex shop. This marks the rise of the sex shop empire that continues to shape our perception of sexuality today.

Revitalize the Beate Uhse brand and position it in a contemporary way in line with the future.

The Beate Uhse brand enjoys broad recognition and almost everyone is familiar with its founder who is still very positively perceived as having been a strong and progressive woman. But when it comes to the Beate Uhse brand, many people conjure up images of grungy little shops stuck in the 80s, instead of the top international brand it is today. That’s what needed working on. brandtouch° was tasked with redefining the brand, positively charging it with a fresh interpretation, and tearing down misconceptions. The new positioning also had to be expressed through a fully reworked corporate design.

“Liberate Love”

As the founder, Beate Uhse wanted that everyone enjoys the freedom to live out their sexuality to its fullest That’s why brandtouch° took her most powerful statement and placed it at the center of the new brand orientation: “Liberate love”.

Beate Uhse is not just another online sex shop, but rather a platform built around the topic of sexuality. The brand inspires sexual curiosity while offering its customers everything they need to discover, explore and live their sexual identity. It’s a position that is in tune with the changing ideas and definitions of sexuality. After all, every era has its sexual evolution and revolution. And freedom always plays a key role. This is perfectly summed up in the ideas of “sexual becoming.”