The revolution of the erotic industry

Since early 2013, the online lifestyle shop has been promoting sexuality in a stylish, inspirational and accessible way – not just sex, but also a life full of passion: sexual well-being.

Love, passion and well-being take centre stage at Amorelie and are a welcome treat to anyone who’s ready for a new kind of shopping experience with sensual lifestyle products. This concept made Amorelie unique in the German market, and quite possibly round the world, at the beginning.

We developed and implemented every aspect of the Amorelie brand and its story, from the strategic brand focus (brand identity, architecture and positioning) to design development and implementation of communication.

»As a leading agency, brandtouch° not only understood our Amorelie vision from the very start, but also helped us develop a powerful and successful brand based on it.

The entire team has an impressive, well-developed instinct for brands and can strategically and conceptually transform it into communication measures. brandtouch° is always giving us new and exciting ideas for further developing our brand.

They always stand behind and fight for their opinions as well as our brand success, which we think is wonderful!«

Lea-Sophie Cramer
Founder & Managing Director of AMORELIE

Our positioning approach

Discover Your Lovestyle

Carrie Bradshaw and Christian Grey have set an example: sexuality has long been a natural component of a modern, urban lifestyle. But in reality, the erotic industry doesn’t necessarily reflect that – antiquated, clichéd suppliers present off-putting erotic products in an intimidating atmosphere.

With the key strategic idea, ‘Discover your lovestyle’, we developed a positioning approach that breaks out of this pattern and symbolically represents a new, contemporary understanding of a healthy love life.