Blau Mobilfunk
Liberating relaunch in blue

Blau Mobilfunk GmbH is a discount mobile virtual network operator located in Hamburg. The core business of the product brand is prepaid products. The SIM cards were sold online, by various German retailers and at the E-Plus BASE shops.

We got involved in 2014 to give the brand a new face and a target group-relevant, distinguishing profile.

We developed a new strategic focus, which we implemented at all the consumer and employee touchpoints, including a new name ( became Blau Mobilfunk), corporate design and packaging, ATL communication, in-store activation and building branding.

Our positioning approach
Clever. Free. Blue.

Our mobile world: everyone’s constantly online, connected and wired up, trapped in the network of large corporations and complicated contracts. With so much diversity, tariffs are just about impossible to understand.

All in all, it was a noisy, impenetrable competitive environment in which we realigned the blau brand. As an alternative – with a new, all-encompassing attitude:

‘For everyone who, like us, believes that mobile communications should give people freedom rather than tying them down. That’s clever. That’s blue.’

Based on our new positioning approach, we developed the

‘schlau. frei. blau’ (clever. free. blue) campaign platform with the core message ‘Effortlessly mobile’.

»In a key phase, brandtouch° helped us to develop a new understanding of our blau Mobilfunk brand and completely reposition it. At the time, brandtouch° proved that they were prepared to deliver an exceptional performance – in terms of quality, personality and without ever watching the clock.

We definitely felt the passion in the brandtouch° team. I appreciate an agency that keeps coming back to me proactively with new ideas. And I think there is still a lot we can do together for our blau Mobilfunk brand.«

Daniel Jessen
Marketing blau Mobilfunk