Initial Situation

Dragana Stanković is a successful Austrian model, influencer and Miss Austria 2016 in the international fashion industry for well-known clients.

In 2021 she founded her own fashion label “Dragana Stankovic Collection”, for which she also designs fashion in her own personal style.

The collections combine everyday and business wear with unusual evening wear. They are sold through her own online shop, but can also be found in major retailers such as Peek&Cloppenburg and Breuninger.


The profile of the brand Dragana Stanković Collection is to be sharpened at the beginning of 2023 – strong, modern, casually feminine. brandtouch° is commissioned with the further development of the branding – from the development of a protectable brand name to all corporate design elements.

Love your June Fridays

The Dragana Stanović Collection becomes June Fridays. A name that evokes and celebrates a time, a moment and a way of life. Modern, special and full of stories.

The claim “Love your June Fridays” plays on this. In this way, we connect the new brand and its personality-based origins in a way that is as lighthearted as it is profound, as direct as it is subtle, as warm and relaxed – just like a June Friday.

The brand colour, a bright, light pink, combined with black, white and beige tones, creates a balance between powerful femininity and clean elegance.

The brand logo forms the centre and link between the two words, combining the E of June with the F of Fridays. It is also used as a pattern, adding dynamism and independence to the overall look.

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