idealo is one of the original start-up success stories. Over 17 years ago, the company signed up to its mission of helping online shoppers to make the right purchase decision, regardless of the provider and price.

Today, idealo is one of the largest portals on the German e-commerce market. More than one million visits per day, around 50,000 shops and over 330 million offers – everything at

brandtouch° strengthened the brand positioning and brand identity of the Internet institution in 2017 and developed a communications concept for print, out-of-home media and TV, which, even for the comparison experts at idealo, remains incomparably good.

Our positioning approach
The independent shopping & comparison portal

With idealo, we have become the leading price comparison service in Germany. In 2018, we will hunt down the last remaining bad purchase decisions. brandtouch° has positioned idealo as the perfect mix of comparison platform and shopping portal – everything is just a click away.

idealo has become an independent and transparent platform that provides an overview of all offers, thus becoming the first port of call for all online shoppers.

TV Spots