Brand strategy & communication

Based in Bremen, Handelskrankenkasse (hkk) insures more than 640,000 people, including over 490,000 members who pay premiums, making it one of Germany’s 20 largest providers of statutory health insurance. It’s also the largest provider of health insurance in north-western Germany.

Handelskrankenkasse has 23 offices in Bremen, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. General consulting services are also provided at some 2,100 service points around the country managed by private business partner LVM Versicherung. At some locations, the consultancy facilities of Handelskrankenkasse and LVM are in direct vicinity to each other.

Our objective was to develop a new positioning approach, a new corporate design and a campaign platform for hkk. As a leading agency in strategy, design and communication, we’ve been supporting hkk since 2014.

Our positioning approach
The very best health for us in the north

We positioned hkk as a contemporary health insurance provider and consistent alternative model to the off-putting administrative machinery and the impenetrable competitive environment of local health insurance companies:

a brand with attitude and tradition. A brand that, with its laid-back and accommodating character typical of the north and its straightforward, direct demeanour, gets straight to the point and makes the self-determination of its customers the focus of everything it does.