Opel Nutzfahrzeuge

Brand communication

The Opel brand didn’t have a clearly defined, independent profile in the commercial vehicles segment. This needed to be changed with a campaign that applies to all the models. The aim was to consolidate the positioning as the ‘perfect partner for business customers’, whilst increasing brand awareness, interest and intention to buy – all with verifiable results.

Our task was to develop an innovative modular campaign that can be used for all the models and the entire Opel Nutzfahrzeug range.

Creative Core Idea

Good Tools. Good Work.

The core concept of the campaign was based on a simple idea: ‘You can’t do good work with bad tools’.

Based on a harmonious combination of commercial vehicle and a variety of the tools used by the core target groups, unexpected ‘working tools’ were created . The tool and commercial vehicle form a single unit without alienating the actual product: the vehicle. Good work!