Influencer Search Engine

Influencer Marketing is an essential part of successful communication nowadays. As a data-based platform for influencer marketing and influencer relationship management, InfluencerDB enables the screening and monitoring of influencers and their social media activities.

A basis, which gives the marketers of this time the knowledge, the data and facts to spread their content with Influencer marketing successfully and over the long-term.

The challenge

Data Driven Influencer Marketing

The external image of an analytic tool in the shiny lifestyle world of Instagram, Facebook and Co... Our task was to create a corporate design (including logo design) between these two parameters technology and lifestyle, which underpins the technical know-how of the software and meets the requirements of the creative target group and their visual understanding. 

The result – a lively and diverse brand design including logo, colour, font and visualization of the data sets with the transfer to the free influencer marketing platform