Brand strategy & design

One day, actor and artist Susanna Kraus found a box of IMAGOGRAMMES in the cellar and was immediately smitten. She instantly set to work reactivating the IMAGO camera, which her father had initially developed for the automotive industry.

Ten years later and it was done – including a mobile variant, which has been travelling the world since April 2014: the IMAGO Photour.

We developed every aspect of the brand associated with this fascinating project, including the art, the event, self-discovery and a puzzling photography challenge, and implemented an integrated range of measures, from online and print to dialogue with the various target groups.

Our positioning approach

Imagine Imago

Imago – a term originating in analytical psychology, first used by its founder Carl Gustav Jung.

It describes the internal, usually unconscious mental image you have of a person that persists in the psyche even after you’ve met the person. And it’s the basis of our positioning:

IMAGO sends you on a journey of self-discovery.

Develop a new relationship with yourself and see yourself as you never have before. Discover your imago, depicted in the internal and physical dimensions of a picture and reduced to a single moment chosen by you. The magic of this experience is the result of a unique combination of distance and nearness – to yourself.

»We used to be seen as strange, as crazy artists, with our huge camera. Now we’re perceived as an exclusive, small company – with a commitment, with an attitude, with an identity. And that’s all due to the fact that I placed my trust in brandtouch°.

Is IMAGO a brand? Yes, it’s IMAGO Camera. That’s what it is today. How we’re perceived has changed significantly, as has whom we’re perceived by. And that’s a major step in the right direction, which is reflected in the numbers. And that’s how it should be. Thank you!«

Susanna Kraus
CEO & founder of Imago Camera