Strategic Brand Design

Strategic Brand Design°

Holistic brand development

Strategic brand design is an insight-based approach to innovative strategies and holistic brand experiences that create brand value.

We develop strong brands through innovative strategies and creative ideas – always originating from the heart of the brand and based on relevant insights.


We incorporate the strategic focus into a clear, unique brand identity and translate it into a central, key communication idea – developed for comprehensive implementation at all touchpoints, from company and product design to implementation of communication and in-store activation.
Strategic Brand Design°.



Our basic principle

Identity First

»The aimless man suffers his fate, the purposeful man shapes it.«

We see brand identity as the most important tool for successful brand management as well as the brand genome, which shapes every message and every appealing characteristic associated with a brand.

Target-oriented creation requires a strategic framework in order to inspire the consumer's mind and heart with design and communication as well as create long-term brand value.

That's why we work in line with the brandtouch° principle »Identity First«.

The whole brand identity summarized

with one depiction

To illustrate the important construct of brand identity in all its complexity, we have developed the brandcode°.

It is aimed at translating the strategic guiding principle in a targeted manner and uniting all facets of the brand in order to make the identity of the brand tangible for managers, employees and partners.